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Trailer Aladdin – The Bachelor Party Flying Theater Movie

Aladdin and the princess are about to get married and ready to start their new life together, pity that on their wedding day Aladdin and the genie wake up way too late to get there on time.

There’s nothing else to do other than getting aboard Aladdin’s magic carpet and take off for the craziest flight ever!

Yeah, the Genie has magic powers on his side, but are we sure that it’s really a good thing? After all, Aladdin’s magical blue friend is surely not known for his reliability and that couldn’t be more true: whenever he claps his hands the scene suddenly changes and you can literally end up anywhere, from the deep sea to the top of a snowy mountain!

Make your guests immerse themselves in the enchanting atmosphere of a fairytale we all know and love, feel the warm breeze of the Arabian nights rustling their hair and enjoy a spectacular flight full of twists and turns.

From flying over an oasis inhabited by elephants to floating underwater chased by a gigantic shark, from escaping the dangers of the underground to hurtling through the fascinating landscapes of Tibet, this Flying Theater Movie will leave your audience breathless!

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