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    Red Raion

    Red Raion is the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions

    Red Raion helps amusement & theme parks, shopping malls, museums, and FECs choosing the CGI content that works for their media-based attractions, without any middleman or distributor upfront.

    The company provides a fast-growing library of VR, 5D, Flying Theater and Dome titles. Moreover, they create innovative custom CGI content for venues with a strong theme and have successfully worked on a wide range of projects including Immersive Tunnels, VR Roller Coasters, Indoor Roller Coasters, Custom Simulators, Dome Theaters, Museum experiences, and Flying Theaters.

    Thanks to its specialization, the goal of Red Raion is to help its customers with CGI content for any type of media-based attraction by providing them with the best solution according to their venue: keep an updated CGI video library of titles based on captivating IPs and topics for licensing so they can always offer new experiences to their audience if they do not have a specific theme; provide the highest quality tailor-made CGI content if they have a specific theme, story, and IP, without delays and additional costs.

    Red Raion definitely knows what the audience wants. They want to live truly immersive experiences and this is only possible through the right mix of storytelling, audio and special effects, and the perfect synchronization between content and motion.

    In-house content creation and one-pipeline standardized production process

    Red Raion provides a fast growing library of titles available for licensing in VR, 5D, Flying Theater and Dome format, also producing quality custom content according to themes and venues, all with the aim to unlock the full potential of media based attractions.

    Ever since they founded the company, they focused on and produced content only for media-based attractions. Over the years, Red Raion has produced content for every kind of hardware!

    In the attractions industry, there are many companies that sell content too, such as generic studios, Hollywood Studios, and distribution companies.

    Relying on generic studios is usually more time consuming due to their limited understanding of the production of content for digital attractions. On the other side, working with Hollywood studios may be risky too, considering that they mainly produce feature films for the big screen, so they probably won’t have time to properly focus on your content and will charge you a price that is suitable for Hollywood, not for the attractions business. Movie distributors sell content produced by other companies, usually generic studios, grabbing as many titles as possible, favoring quantity over quality. This implies that you will pay a higher price for their commercial brokering and if something goes wrong, they won’t be able to solve problems directly.

    In contrast, Red Raion is the only in-house production studio that is exclusively specialized in the production of content for the attractions industry and wants amusement professionals to think of them as the CGI content partner specialized in media-based attractions.

    The company takes care of all the stages of content creation, from the pre-production phase to the post production one, passing by the production process. This means that, if you have a specific theme, story, and IP, they will create your content exactly as you’ve imagined it, avoiding the same old bad surprises you may face in this business, such as lack of control over the content, unexpected charges and delays. And, if you don’t, you will enjoy the advantages of directly talking with the company who made the title for licensing you are interested in, without having to deal with any distributor.

    Moreover, Red Raion’s CGI content is always based on a solid ground of market research and targeting, with a profound knowledge of the technology in use. The company works in partnership with the leading hardware manufacturer in the attractions industry to provide professionals with the most advanced solutions in terms of software and hardware and ensure the perfect integration between content and motion, and with Theme Park designers to create custom content that is perfectly consistent with the theme of the venue and flawlessly fit the attraction.

    So, if you are an amusement professional looking into CGI content, you can definitely count on Red Raion to discover the advantage of collaborating with the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions!

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