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Trailer Black Hole – The Multiverse War Flying Theater Movie

Put on your helmets, buckle in, and get ready to lift off from Earth and fly to the farthest reaches of the galaxy: Black Hole – The Multiverse War, the newest and highest quality space movie in the attraction business, is now available for licensing in Flying Theater Format!

This movie is not an ordinary space title but a great futuristic adventure that will take your guests to new, never-seen-before universes, enabling them to enjoy an experience that goes far beyond the mere sensation of flying. Unmindful of what happened to them, your guests will find themselves floating in space when a terrible meteor shower suddenly breaks out.

There’s no way to escape, the only thing they can do is to survive until the spaceship comes to rescue them!

Luckily, an unexpected friend will guide them between debris, asteroids and terrible enemies right into a black hole that takes to other mind-blowing dimensions!

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