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Denver Zoo creating new African penguin habitat

denver zoo penguin habitat

Denver Zoo has announced an innovative and inspiring new habitat for its African penguins. The African penguin colony will get a 15,000-gallon pool for swimming, multiple burrows and nest boxes.

Visitors to the zoo will get the chance to see the African penguin colony in their current ‘Bird World’ habitat before they move.

The penguins’ new 2,700-square-feet home will be in the African-themed ‘Benson Predator Ridge’ exhibit. It will be three times larger than their current habitat.

Starting this fall, Denver Zoo will transform the area of Benson Predator Ridge that is closest to the zoo’s main entrance.

New home for African penguins will be 2,700 square feet

“African penguins are among the most popular species for our guests, and we recognise the importance of giving them a new home here at the zoo, both for the experience and the continued care of the animals,” said Bert Vescolani, president and CEO of Denver Zoo.

The 20 African penguins will soon have neighbours such as African lions, African wild dogs, and spotted hyenas.

Enhanced features include a 15,000-gallon pool for swimming, multiple burrows and nest boxes, and hardscape and natural substrates that mimic penguins’ native habitat.

The guest experience will also be improved with underwater viewing and more space for daily keeper talks and demonstrations.

Enhanced guest experience with underwater viewing

denver zoo penguins

Construction on the new African penguin habitat will begin in November and is set to complete in spring 2020.

The penguins will remain viewable to visitors in their current habitat outside Bird World through December 31.

“This is just one of the opportunities that opened up for us with the closure of Bird World that will benefit our guests, staff and animals, and we’re excited to build a new and improved home for our penguins,” added Vescolani.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis Zoo has announced a new elephant enclosure expansion. The attraction is creating ‘more room to roam’ for the animals with Tembo Camp, opening in May 2020.

Images: Denver Zoo

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