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Wildlife World Zoo opens five-acre Safari Park expansion

wildlife world pygmy hippos at the new zoo expansion

Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park has announced the grand opening of its five-acre Safari Park expansion. It features two endangered pygmy hippos who are making their home in Arizona.

The five-acre expansion, which opened on February 8, includes pygmy hippos, Grévy’s zebra, onagers, caracals and the clouded leopard.

In addition, other species making their debut are red-billed blue magpies, nilgai antelope, and sarus cranes.

Recent population estimates indicate that there may be fewer than 3,000 pygmy hippos in the wild. Both hippos and pygmy hippos are threatened by habitat loss.

Pygmy hippos, Grévy’s zebra and clouded leopards

Wildlife World’s new pygmy hippo exhibit provides the creatures with two indoor pools, two outdoor pastures and a watering hole with waterfall.

The latest expansion also includes exhibits tailored to the natural habitats and needs of species, with pastures, ponds, islands and water features.

The five-acre addition brings the total size of the Safari Park to nearly 30 acres.

Natural habitat exhibits at Safari Park expansion

Elsewhere, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Ohio is expanding its rhino habitat, which will be named the Daniel Maltz Rhino Reserve when it opens in spring 2020.

In the UAE, Al Ain Zoo has released further information about its expansion projects, which include an outdoor exhibition for penguins, a rescue centre, a breeding centre for sand cats, and an open-air chimpanzee exhibit.

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