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How To Design VR Casino Experiences For Millennials

Flamingo and Swenson - Las Vegas, Nevada

Presented in conjunction with the Future of Immersive Leisure conference:

Learn how to design innovative VR experiences that will attract and retain a Millennial audience. Want to attract Millennials and deliver experiences they will love and share with their friends? Virtual Reality might be part of the answer, but if you don’t take the right approach you will spend years of trial and error hoping to find the solution.

  • Learn how to build a sustainable competitive advantage over other casinos that are hoping manufacturers will solve the problem for them
  • Discover why testing random, new technologies based upon manufacturer recommendations wastes money and time, and mostly teaches you what doesn’t work
  • We will teach you the methods that Coke, Apple, Starbucks, and Walt Disney use to design products and experiences that resonate deeply with their millennial customers and lead them to outperform the S&P 500 by 211%.

It’s your casino floor, learn how to take back control of your business and innovate for long-term success.

You will learn:

  • Why Millennials have trust issues with institutions and how that impacts slot play
  • How to understand millennial motivations so you can attract and retain a new generation of customers
  • The hidden challenges of building successful location-based VR attractions and how to overcome them
  • Why Nevada’s approach to skill-based gaming might not be the answer
  • The secret to creating amazing experiences that Millennials will love
  • Why human-centered innovation is the perfect design methodology for location-based products and experiences for Millennials

Bob Cooney, the world’s leading location-based virtual reality guru, and Kylie Savage, an expert in human centered innovation, have created this experiential workshop that will introduce a human-centered approach to creating location-based Virtual Reality experiences that will deeply resonate with Millennial customers. This workshop is for senior executives of casinos and companies who are responsible for transforming their offering to meet the demands of Millennial consumers. It will prove invaluable for C-level leadership, strategic management, and anyone making decisions on products and services.

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