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Getty Museum challenges people in self-isolation to recreate artworks with household items

getty museum artworks social distancing - museums engaging during coronavirus shutdown

The Getty Museum is asking people to recreate artworks using household items, as they practice social distancing at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Getty Museum’s challenge involves recreating an artwork with just three objects you can find at home, using digitised and downloadable artworks from the online collection.

According to The Iris, fans have already recreated Jeff Koons using a pile of socks, and restaged Jacques-Louis David with a fleece blanket and duct tape.

Recreating art by Jeff Koons using socks

On the blog, the Getty Museum says the only tools you need for the activity are your imagination and a picture of a work of art, which can be found on Getty’s online collection.

You can search the keyword field for ideas, and if you have an unusual item that would work well, you can search for that – for example ‘easel’ or ‘globe’.

Jacques-Louis David with fleece blanket, duct tape

You can select what objects you’d like to use, from a blank piece of paper to an elaborate hat. You can stick to three objects, or are welcome to use more.

Tips include enlisting a pet and paying attention to the facial expressions and poses. Families can also try creating a domestic or dinner scene.

Meet the ‘Pug with a Pearl Earring’

In addition, the museum said you can make edible art and advises you pay attention to lighting and think abstractly, focusing on shapes instead of colours.

Once you’ve recreated an artwork, you’ll need to use a smartphone or digital camera to take a photo and share it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #betweenartandquarantine.

A new take on Grant Wood’s American Gothic

If you use Facebook, post the photo to your feed or send directly to the Getty Museum’s page on Facebook.

To create a side-by-side image of the original and recreation, you can use photo-editing software such as Photoshop or PicCollage.

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