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Michelangelo exhibit at the Met draws in more than 700,000 visitors

Metropolitan Museum of Art exterior. The Met.

More than 700,000 people visited the exhibition Michelangelo – Divine Draftsman and Designer during its three-month run at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A total of 702,516 people saw the exhibition, making it the 10th most popular ever held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art during its 148-year history. Michelangelo – Divine Draftsman and Designer ran from 13 November 2017 until 12 February 2018.

“We are delighted that more than 700,000 people from around the world experienced first-hand the towering genius of Michelangelo through this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition,” said Daniel Weiss, CEO of The Met.

“Eight years in the making, the show was a comprehensive and breath taking re-examination of a luminary of Renaissance art, and marks the first time a collection of this magnitude has been united in one place.”

The exhibition presented a range and of works by Michelangelo. It included 133 of his drawings, three of his marble sculptures, his earliest painting and his wood architectural model for a chapel vault.

A substantial body of complementary works by his teachers, associates, pupils, and artists who were influenced by him or who worked in collaboration with him was also displayed for comparison and context.

Selected from 50 public and private collections in the US and Europe, the exhibition brought together the largest group of original drawings by Michelangelo ever assembled for public display.

Image: c. Kai Pilger.

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