Inside Explorer lets Georgia Aquarium guests experience sea life like never before

After a successful trial period, the Georgia Aquarium has decided to include Interspectral’s Inside Explorer visualisation software alongside its exhibits on a permanent basis.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), the aquarium is one of the largest in the world. It is currently undergoing a $100 million expansion, which will lead to the opening of a new gallery next year.

Earlier, the aquarium worked with Interspectral to evaluate how learning experiences for visitors can be enhanced through Inside Explorer. During the trials, guests were able to explore interactive 3D X-ray scans of sharks and rays swimming in adjacent tanks.

The Inside Explorer software will now be used so visitors can interact with further visualisations of real scientific data collected worldwide. This will allow for a greater understanding of both ongoing research on marine life as well as provide more information on conservation efforts and animal anatomy.

Interspectral-Inside-Explorer-Georgia-aquariumDigital artefacts side by side with sea life

”Inside Explorer creates a unique and engaging possibility to provide visitors with in-depth information about current research within the field,” say Interspectral CEO, Louise Lennersten. “It becomes especially powerful when presented at a setting where visitors can experience both the live animals and the digital artefacts side by side.”

The Georgia Aquarium is home to thousands of fish and sea creatures from more than 100 different species. Education will be key to its new gallery, promises vice-president of guest experience and hospitality, Anthony Riviera.

“We hope that this expansion is more than just an exhibit for guests to visually enjoy,” says Riveria. Rather, it will be “a learning experience that creates a deeper appreciation for the important role sharks serve in our oceans”.