Human 2.0 launches portable electrostatic room steriliser

Human 2.0, provider of high filtration masks, has added a new product to its range: the E-Spray electrostatic room steriliser.

Human 2.0 is pleased to announce that it has added a new solution to its product range, the E-Spray portable electrostatic room steriliser. The company has been responding to the coronavirus pandemic by sourcing critical supplies from around the world and bringing them to where they are needed.

Thanks to its expertise in international markets and leading-edge technology, Human 2.0 has launched a new product that can help attractions to keep surfaces, rooms and rides clean throughout the day when they reopen to guests.

E-Spray room steriliser

The E-Spray electrostatic room steriliser solution quickly and efficiently coats surfaces with a disinfectant solution via a portable and easy to use device. It is ideal for areas that need to be cleaned quickly throughout the day, such as theme park rides.

This adds to Human 2.0’s selection of products that are designed to help operators of theme parks, museums, zoos and more as they prepare to welcome guests back as safely as possible.

Human 2.0 E-Spray

“E-Spray is a high-tech yet practical solution to a real problem,” says a company spokesperson. “Our range of certified high-filtration masks, both for staff and guests, provides a high layer of protection against airborne bacteria.

“E-Spray backs that up by quickly and efficiently sanitising surfaces where germs might linger. This growing range of products adds extra layers of protection against Coronavirus for public venues and offer reassurance and peace of mind for guests.”

High filtration masks

Human 2.0 also supplies two types of quality high-filtration masks to help attractions reopen safely, respirator masks and disposable masks. Both offer 95% bacterial filtration efficiency and can be ordered in high volumes.

Respirator masks are a good choice for staff since they provide protection for both the wearer and the people close by, while disposable masks offer a high level of protection for guests.