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ViaPort Rotterdam’s Via Aquarium plans to expand

VIA Aquarium ViaPort Rotterdam

ViaPort Rotterdam is expanding the increasingly popular Via Aquarium a mere eight months after first opening to the public.

The Rotterdam Square was bought by Turkish real estate company Via Properties in 2015 and turned around as ViaPort Rotterdam.

VIA Aquarium ViaPort Rotterdam logoOver the past 11 months, the 585,000 square foot mall has seen significant improvements in both occupancy rates, foot traffic and customer visits.

In a report by The Daily Gazette, Alan Fitizi, Marketing Manager at ViaPort Rotterdam has credited the turnaround to investment and promotions, as well as the Aquarium, ViaPort’s Tru-Escape escape-room experience, and other entertainment offerings.

VIA Aquarium ViaPort Rotterdam lionfishThe plan is to add an extra 2,000 square feet to the Via Aquarium in the form of a converted CJ Banks clothing shop.

The new education and exhibit space is situated next door to the Aquarium. It is hoped that the additional room will help to accommodate larger school groups and home-schooled visitors to meet increased demand for more classroom space. Although the specifics have not been decided upon, the new environment will contain approximately 20 new displays.

There are plans to potentially offer a combined single-package ticket for all the attractions within ViaPort Rotterdam to transform the mall into a travel destination.

All images courtesy of Via Aquarium.

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