Author: Rachel Read

Asia’s Smart Theme Park Visitors Expect Technology Enriched Experiences

Omnico Theme Park Barometer

The huge growth in the theme park business across Asia and China in particular is largely fueled by a growth in the middle-classes. Visitors in these markets also have a keen awareness of technology and expect their park experience to be smart right through from booking a ticket to riding the very latest rides and attractions.  By Mel Taylor, […]

Why Disney should buy Twitter

snow white and twitter bird

News this week that Disney is contemplating the acquisition of Twitter. At first glance it may indeed seem an odd pairing; like Mickey Mouse having Darth Vadar round for tea, but it could lead to a next gen theme park experience…

How to Display an Acid Trip


Denmark’s new ‘Ragnarock’ museum celebrates sex, drugs and rock’n’roll in an iconic setting.