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The A Team? St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station and acrylic inspection

St Louis Aquarium at Union Station

This past November, project team members from St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station went to inspect a key ingredient of the Aquarium; the acrylic panels which had been a year in the making. By Erin Clark When guests visit the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station, the goal is for them to feel a connection […]

Environmentalism, climate change and finding hope on a Tuesday night

Arctic_poppy_among_rocks climate change conference environmentalism hope

Hope can be a hard thing to see in these, oftentimes, bleak days. Differences of opinion are creating chasms that once seemed to be bridgeable by debate and empathy, but now are so deep and wide – and filled with untruth – that agreement of the design of the bridge is unattainable. In some cases, […]

How to build a 21st Century aquarium (inside a 19th Century National Historic Landmark)

Existing_shed_view_corridor st-louis-aquarium

Opening 2019, the construction of the new St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station has presented unique challenges to the team tasked with the creation of this ambitious new attraction. They are building a 21st Century aquarium inside a 19th Century, historic building. By Bryan Meyer, Project Director, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Building an aquarium is complicated.  But […]

Oman Aquarium has conservation, education and research in the pipeline

Protein Skimmers ready at oman aquarium education conservation

Oman Aquarium is still a few months from opening. Our growing team has a real passion for conservation, education and research. But, between building quarantine systems, creating fish lists, sourcing equipment and all the other things that keep us busy, we promoted and celebrated World Oceans Day on June 8th 2018. By Adrian Tolliday, CEO, […]

The St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station: PGAV on storytelling and design

Existing_shed_view_corridor st-louis-aquarium

The new St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station opens in 2019. It is being designed by world leading themed entertainment and architecture firm PGAV Destinations. And like all the best attractions, it will start with a story. In this fourth post from the team behind the aquarium, we hear about how storytelling fits into the […]

Testing the waters: benchmarking with the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station team

Touching pool at St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station

The St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station is set to open 2019 at the city’s historic, downtown train station. A key part of the development process is benchmarking. In this third post from the team we learn why visiting other attractions is so important. By Peta Wittig (right) The picture below has to be my […]

Why it’s time to bring the wonders of an Aquarium to St. Louis, Missouri

st. louis Aquarium at union station-Lobby-which-nods-to-the-architectural-design-of-Union-Station a

Erin Clark, Director of Projects for zoOceanarium Group, moved to St. Louis in October of 2017 to work full-time on the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station. Working closely with all of the aquarium stakeholders, Erin sat down with Steve O’Loughlin, President of Lodging Hospitality Management (LHM) to find out why they chose to build […]

In at the deep end: Key factors to consider before diving into your aquarium project

palm mall oman aquarium main panel Blooloop

Adrian Tolliday, whose company TGI is representing Oman Aquarium developers, Al Tamani Entertainment, looks at the key factors to be considered before diving into an aquarium project. This is Tolliday’s third insider post on the Middle East’s biggest aquarium in the recently re-branded Mall of Muscat. It’s exciting times here at the project site, as […]

Welcome to our St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station Blog

chris davis peta wittig and erin clark zooceanarium st. louis aquarium at union station groundbreaking 3 98

Work has started on a major new attraction in St. Louis, Missouri ‘ the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station. Part of the $160 million family entertainment complex at the city’s National Historic Landmark train station, it is being designed by St. Louis-based architects PGAV Destinations and built by another local firm, McCarthy. The new […]