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    Brogent Technologies Inc.

    Brogent Technologies, Inc. – the Leader in Simulation Technology

    Founded in 2001, Brogent Technologies, Inc. is an energetic, innovative technology company. Our professional interdisciplinary R&D team and robustly creative design team not only deliver solid engineering based on expert technical know-how, but also offer a broad range of innovative digital content services rooted in their creative approach.

    Brogent seamlessly integrates software and hardware technologies to conceive and develop proprietary media base attractions, establishing the Brogent name in recent years as a world-class experience supplier through our technical development and innovative product design efforts. Driven by the thirst for constant betterment and advancement, Brogent aims to establish a leading position in the media based entertainment equipment field.

    Dynamic Experience

    Our strength in simulation technology transports people into a realm of magical experiences difficult to achieve in the real world. From theme parks to game parlors, shopping and recreation centers, to zoos & aquariums, exhibition halls, expos and museums, we can design and produce dynamic simulator systems, , virtual sets, and game content expressly with customers’ target audience, theme, venue size, building structure and design in mind to satisfy the preferences of patrons of all ages and keep them lining up for more adventure and excitement.

    Our products include:

    Total Immersion, Global Reach

    Brogent is partnered with major international gaming equipment companies in the active effort to expand our reach. Further, we are also collaborating with a number of digital content and animation design companies at home and around the world to enhance product marketing and sustainable after-sales service business models, investing together in new media immersion entertainment endeavours to establish our position in the global market.

    Technology Creativity, Fascination, Safety and Quality

    Brogent Technologies entertainment facilities draw crowds with the sensory simulation of sight, sound, smell, touch, and interaction. We use technology to deliver a dreamlike experience that feels real. All Brogent products meet international safety and design quality standards to give customers and visitors the ultimate in safe riding services.


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