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    The sky’s the limit!

    Dronisos is a French technology company that specializes in the creation of autonomous drone swarm software. Founded in 2016, Dronisos works to develop drones as a service through utilizing our autonomous drone software. We provide full service for both drone entertainment shows and automatic inspections (telecom, architecture and solar).

    Our drones shows are perfect for Ceremonies, Live Events, Theme Park Animations, Product Launches, Conventions… and your special event, too! Indoors or out.

    With over 500 drone shows performed worldwide, our innovative shows are dedicated to provide the best in Drone Entertainment, by bringing drones and artists together. We’re used to working alongside event agencies, show producers, theme parks and corporate communication teams to provide drones meeting their specific requirements… so what are yours?

    Advanced Competencies and Technology

    We are the only company in France with a DGAC-issued flight authorization for drone swarms featuring 200 UAVs, controlled by a single pilot.

    We also have our 800-square-meter indoor flight facility with 15-meter high ceilings in Bordeaux. This facility has an office space for staff and developers, a workshop to store and work on drones, and a 200-square-meter secured demonstration area. Furthermore, we have access to a private airfield for our outdoor tests just 30 km from Bordeaux.

    In terms of technology, the teams at Dronisos have developed tools that make automated drone swarms possible including:

    • A powerful 3D-motor, customized to simulate and generate collision-free trajectories
    • An in-house Drone Control Center  to monitor flights and manage the whole drone fleet in the field
    • An Augmented Reality Viewer to visualize drones’ mouvement in context

    We at Dronisos believe in hard work, perseverance, and boosting drones to serve mankind.



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