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Fun Spot EU builds and designs indoor leisure parks with trampolines, climbing walls, ropes courses, Clip 'n Climb, indoor playgrounds, ninja and more.

Fun Spot EU builds and designs indoor leisure parks with trampolines, climbing walls, ropes courses, Clip ‘n Climb, indoor playgrounds, ninja and more.

With more than 40 years experience in the leisure industry, Fun Spot EU is an expert and is eager to support the development of your indoor leisure projects.

Fun Spot EU succeeds when our customers succeed. “A strong foundation is the key to creating long-term success. That is why at Fun Spot we develop innovative products and a trust-based relationship with our customers. We just love seeing them run a fun and strong business!” says Stephan Labarriére, EMEA Sales Director.

The recent integration within the French group, ABEO, extended our sportainment portfolio via Clip ‘n Climb, the creator and leader of the Fun Climbing Industry. We have strengthened our geographic market presence with multi-site production capabilities and are ready to meet each of your specific needs.

Fun Spot EU has more than 800 facilities around the world, with 250 in Europe and the Middle East. We now have a complete regional sales organisation in EMEA. Our sense of commitment leads us to accompany our entrepreneurs always closer.

Our presence in the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands allows us to be responsive and at your disposal.

Ninja Course

People who tackle a Ninja Course are experienced in defeat and driven to prevail – no matter the obstacle. In other words, they’re a little bit crazy. Fun Spot Ninja Courses invite the rookie to give it a try, challenge the ace to keep coming back for more, and compel the phenom to push to new heights. Fun Spot Ninja Courses come with everything needed to engage all skill levels. Just add adrenaline.

There are three skill levels within the one course; easy, medium and hard.

Fun Spot EU will scale the dimensions of this park feature to fit the available space in the facility.

Ropes Course

Monkeys shouldn’t have all the fun. Treat your guests to mid-air obstacles reminiscent of climbing through treetops, looking down on the crazy world below. Fun Spot EU Indoor Ropes Courses install above your other attractions, packing fun and physical challenge into every inch of vertical space. For safety’s sake, ropes courses are best for facilities with 24+ foot ceilings.


The standard Zipline at Fun Spot EU is a classic thrill ride for one. The Racing Zipline puts competitors side-by-side to race to the opposite end of the pit. Both Ziplines feature a return trolley that delivers the Zipline handle back to the court monitor after each run.

Clip ‘n Climb

We have been offering a fun, safe yet thrill-seeking activity for a wide audience of all ages since 2005! Develop a multifaceted offer by adding Clip ‘n Climb to your facility. A playful and active zone that will differentiate you from others and favour repeat customers. It brings an unoccupied area to life!


Defying gravity. Flipping and twisting. Bouncing off the walls (literally). This is the stuff people want when they visit your trampoline park. Fun Spot EU trampoline floors and attractions are designed and built to be the centrepiece of your park, safely delivering the crazy, hair-raising experiences your guests seek – and our constant stream of innovative features will keep them coming back for more – lots more.

1321 E. Franklin Street, Hartwell, GA 30643
(706) 376-8989

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1321 East Franklin Street, Hartwell, GA 30643, USA

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