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    The Mobaro solution organises and effectively manages the ride and attraction pre-opening checklist program and ensuring timely, accurate and accountable service to routine maintenance tasks and repairs.

    For managers and technicians alike, Mobaro Park’s system offers a number of innovative aspects that will take their means of cooperation and performance to a new level. 

    Main Benefits 

    • Easing and advancing traditional workflows
    • Saving time
    • Easy allocation of resources
    • Tracking and history
    • Higher level of assurance


    • Digital checklists – replace the paper clipboards
    • Tasks – connect structured tasks to the checks
    • Media sharing – attach photos, video and audio to checks for more detailed inspections
    • Support documentation – bring the necessary in your palm
    • Real-time dashboard – get a complete overview of safety checks, maintenance procedures, and operations in the back office while

    For a demo and more information on our solution, please visit:

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