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Science Museum opening climate change gallery named ‘Energy Revolution’

The Science Museum is opening an interactive gallery dedicated to climate change called ‘Energy Revolution’ in 2023.

science museum energy revolution

The Science Museum is opening an interactive gallery dedicated to climate change called Energy Revolution in 2023, supported by Adani Green Energy.

Energy Revolution was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Global Investment Summit on Tuesday (October 19), hosted at the Science Museum.

Replacing the museum’s Atmosphere gallery, Energy Revolution will explore the latest climate science, as well as the energy revolution needed to curb climate change.

“Imagining our collective future, as this gallery will encourage, provides us all with a powerful action programme,” said Dame Mary Archer, chair of the Science Museum Group.

“This gallery will take a truly global perspective on the world’s most urgent challenge. We face a grave threat, but the future is not predestined – it is still in our hands if we can build the coalition required for urgent and far-reaching action.”

Adani Green Energy support

The gallery will highlight the history of energy, also featuring a host of interactive and digital storytelling techniques to explore energy revolutions of the past, present and future.

The gallery is supported by Adani Green Energy, Adani’s solar power arm. Gautam Adani, chairman of Adani Green Energy, said the gallery “will explore how society can power the future through low carbon technologies”.

Energy Revolution’s four thematic sections:

Alternative Futures – inspects moments in history where people have imagined different kinds of energy futures, exploring the energy shifts that have shaped the world.

Future Planet – looks at present day projections of the future, disclosing how climate scientists use complex climate models to understand Earth’s systems, and what these reveal about future climate impacts.

Future Energy and Power – focuses on potential technologies to support a global move towards a low carbon future, and explores how change is influenced by geographical, social and political factors.

Future Living – explores how people use energy to live, work and travel, and depicts our ability to influence our energy future.

Adani is an Indian multinational conglomerate with major holdings in coal. The Science Museum has attracted criticism over sponsorship deals with oil and gas companies Shell, BP and Equinor. 

Sir Ian Blatchford, Science Museum chief executive, said Adani Green Energy “has one of the world’s largest renewable portfolios” and “plans to invest $20 billion in clean energy generation, component manufacturing, transmission and distribution over the next 10 years”.

“The company has stated publicly a remarkable ambition: to be the largest renewable power company in the world by 2030,” Blatchford added.

Images: Science Museum Group

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