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teamLab Planets Tokyo expands into immersive garden area

teamLab Planets in Tokyo is expanding into an interactive garden area, with two immersive garden artworks opening on July 2.

teamlab planets tokyo gardens

teamLab Planets Tokyo is expanding with the addition of an interactive garden of 13,000 live orchids and an ever-changing, glowing moss garden. The garden area opens on July 2.

teamLab Planets consists of nine artworks, including four huge art spaces and the gardens. Inside the Tokyo museum, visitors can walk through water before heading outside to become one with the flowers.

The orchid garden, known as the ‘floating flower garden’ invites visitors to interact with the flowers, immersing themselves in more than 13,000 live orchids. It consists of a 3D mass of flowers, which float above visitors and descend as they move.

teamLab flower and moss gardens open July 2

“In this work, people immerse themselves in flowers, becoming one with the garden,” said teamLab. “When people become one with the flowers and look at them, the flowers look back. People may truly look at flowers for the first time.”

teamLab, an art collective comprising artists, creatives, architects, programmers and CG animators, said the “flowers in this artwork are alive, growing, and blooming with each passing day”.

The moss garden ‘of resonating microcosms’ is brimming with ‘ovoids’ that glimmer when guests interact with them. The ovoids fall back and rise when blown by the wind or touched by a visitor, and shine when the sun sets. They can change into 61 light colours.

13,000 live orchids at teamLab Planets

teamlab planets tokyo gardens

“The ovoids begin to flicker slowly when the wind is quiet and people do not push them,” teamLab said. “Because the ovoid colors are produced by light, it is possible for them to change into 61 different solidified light colors.”

teamLab is currently merging art and wellness with its latest digital art experience, called TikTok teamLab Reconnect. The exhibit’s visitors experience the artworks while taking alternating hot saunas and cold baths.

teamLab is also making its way to Saudi Arabia with teamLab Borderless Jeddah. This is part of a 10-year collaboration agreement with the Saudi Ministry of Culture. Plans are also underway to create a similar teamLab attraction in Riyadh.

Images: teamLab

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