Jurassic Flight VR experience draws crowds at Cincinnati museum

Visitors to Cincinnati’s Museum of Natural History & Science can take to prehistoric skies and interact with dinosaurs on a new virtual reality experience from Birdly.

Jurassic Flight has been developed for the Birdly VR platform in consultation with leading palaeontologists. Now on widespread release by D3D Cinema in partnership with Somniacs, it recently picked up a bronze Halo Award for creative achievement at VR Days in Amsterdam and has also featured at CES in Las Vegas.

The Cincinnati installation deploys two V2 Birdly machines inside the Museum of Natural History & Science’s recently revamped dinosaur hall.

Birdly VR takes flight in new look dinosaur hall

“The pair of Birdlys running Jurassic Flight has been a huge hit at the new dinosaur hall,” says Dave Duszynski, president of Mercury Museum Services. “Birdly truly is a premium immersive experience – far beyond any other VR we’ve seen – and Jurassic Flight is a wonderful complement to the dinosaur gallery and also the adjacent science interactive zone.”

The dinosaur hall reopened at the Museum of Natural History & Science after two-and-a-half years in the making. The wider Cincinnati Museum Center of which it is a part is one the preeminent institutions in the country.

According to Duszynski, the new VR experience has been a hit. “We’ve been operating at over 50% capacity since opening,” he says. “With more than 5,500 riders flying with Birdly, we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.”

More Birdly VR content on the way

“The new dinosaur hall is state-of-the-art,” says Mark Katz, senior vice-president of Film Distribution & Theater Development for D3D. “The fact that they reopened with two new V2 machines is a testament to the quality of the Birdly experience.”

More media content for the platform is on its way, promises Katz. “With the emerging pipeline of content, led by Jurassic Flight and an upcoming underwater experience, we are hopeful that [more] museums looking to bring premium VR experiences to their visitors will join the Birdly family, similar to how the giant screen technology rolled out back in the day.”