Mad Systems hosts webinar series to showcase latest technology

Mad Systems, the award-winning audiovisual and interactive system designer and integrator, has launched its AV++ Webinar Series, starting with a session on QuickSilver.

Mad Systems Inc. is pleased to announce that it has launched its new AV++ Webinar Series. The first session took place on 28 April and included a presentation and live demonstration of QuickSilver, its complete pro AV system.

This was hosted by Brandy Alvarado, the company’s Business Development Manager, who showcased what the system can do and explored its various applications. Following this, Mad Systems’ Jessica Bill presented an in-office demo, then Alvarado wrapped up with a Q&A session. The full video can now be watched on the company’s YouTube channel.

Series of webinars

The rest of the series, which takes place via Zoom, will highlight Mad Systems’ technology and its uses. The webinars cater to the professional AV community and exhibit designers, as well as those working in museums, visitor centres and theme parks.

Future episodes will cover topics such as Audio Ambiances in Immersive Environments and their latest developments with Touchless Technology and Facial Recognition. The series will also look at the QuickSilver Toolbox and the company’s patented LookingGlass Concierge system.

Mad Systems Edit Suite

The next instalment, Audio Ambiances and Immersive Environments, takes place on Tuesday 5 May at 8.30 am PST. Then on Tuesday 12 May, Mad Systems will present a session on Touchless Technology and Facial Recognition.

Mad Systems will be posting registration links for these sessions on its social media pages.

The company is stepping up to help medical workers on the front line as they tackle coronavirus. Founder, Maris Ensing, and owner Tricia Rodriguez are working to make masks for keyworkers on the front line of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Ensing has also produced a prototype ventilator, intended for use with patients who are in ‘sub-critical’ care.