Tema Design by MK Illumination, has been chosen as a supplier for a new attraction at Jesperhus, Denmark.

The family owned park is a combination of a flower park, attractions, zoo and holiday park.

In 2018, it will add a new children’s attraction to the mix centred around Jungledyret Hugo, Jesperhus‘ mascot since 2009.

Tema Design by MK Illumination

Lars Nielsen, Themed Attraction Manager at Tema Design by MK Illumination said “I see it as a very interesting opportunity for us to be able to work with Jesperhus and their new attraction for 2018- especially working with the famous Danish IP.”

Jungledyret Hugo is a Danish animation that has been the leading character in three feature animated movies along with his friends Rita the Fox and the monkeys Zik & Zak.

Tema Design by MK Illumination is a leading creator of theming, decorations, lighting concepts and themed attractions for parks around the world.

tema design by mk illuminations skeleton with rollercoaster

Their work includes character figures such as their recent Maya the Bee figures at Majaland Kownaty;  and seasonal products for festivals such as their work at Parc Saint Paul for Halloween.The company can also created themed attractions and various fun Photo Pod options allowing guests to photograph themselves as a themed character.