Vekoma Rides’ Har Kupers is the recipient of this year’s AIMS International Safety Award.

Vekoma Rides' Har Kupers recognised with AIMS International Safety AwardKupers was presented with the award during Saturday’s Golden Tickets Awards ceremony by AIMS International board member, Jim Seay, and AIMS Executive Director, Karen Oertley.

The honour recognises a person or organization that has made a significant impact or contribution in improving safety in the amusement industry by demonstrating leadership, innovation, and foresight.

Oertley stressed the importance of safety to the vitality of the amusement industry and described Kupers as ‘one of the industry’s finest’:

“We received many nominations for individuals deserving of this important award and are thrilled so many individuals are dedicated to improving safety for both guests and employees,” she said.

Jim Seay highlighted Kupers’ numerous achievements and said he was well known for his ‘thousands of hours’ work’ in developing and supporting accredited safety standards.

“He was instrumental in bringing the ASTM International standards development work into the EN Task Group harmonisation effort and has worked for almost twenty years on an international amusement design standard as a contributor, facilitator and ambassador between EN, ISO and ASTM International,” said Seay.

Kupers renowned for engineering expertise

“Har is also renowned for his amusement ride design and engineering expertise and is one of the foremost authorities on ride dynamics and guest safety,” Seay added. “In addition to standards development, Har’s long support and dedication to AIMS International has been influential in promoting global safety training, and certification.”

In his acceptance speech, Kupers thanked Vekoma and its owner, Henk Roodenburg, for giving him the opportunity to do the work, both inside and outside his job.

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