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Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.

Vekoma Rides is one of the largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world and a market leader in the amusement industry.

Vekoma Rides, turning your world around

Vekoma Rides is one of the largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world and a market leader in the amusement industry, offering a wide variety of roller coasters and attractions, both standard and custom designed, such as family coasters, thrill, mega coasters and family attractions.   Vekoma’ designs are characteristic and known for its innovation, high quality and durability and has gained a world wide recognition with presence in over 40 countries.

World-wide ,the company has designed and built all time favorites while the latest innovative designs and developments like the Family Boomerang, Suspended Family coaster series, the Space Warp and Firestorm Launch Coasters and the new Bermuda Blitz are driving the industry of the future by setting new standards for quality and innovation.

Besides the many standard available rides, Vekoma is known for its custom designed indoor coasters installed in indoor parks, large shopping malls and family entertainment centers.

Vekoma Rides continues to focus on making rides appealing and accessible to a wide range of guests, so the entire family can ride and enjoy the coasters and attractions.

Schaapweg 18, Vlodrop, 6063 BA, The Netherlands


  • Family Boomerang Racer

    Family Boomerang Racer

    Vekoma’s Family Boomerang Racer at Wildlands Adventure Zoo. This coaster is the first racing-style for the Family Boomerang, offering twice the capacity for the parks, and two different experiences for riders, as the trains race each other which is something the whole family can enjoy. Images Credit: Vekoma Rides.
  • Bermuda Blitz Thrill Coaster

    Bermuda Blitz Thrill Coaster

    The first Bermuda Blitz opened at Legendia in July 2017 as the Lech Coaster.  This coaster is special in the sense that it combines a great variety of ride elements (eg. rolls, hills, twists) in a very compact, yet fluid design. All elements are arranged such that the experience never becomes repetitive: the ride constantly changes direction, both […]


  • Vekoma Reference List 2017

    Vekoma Reference List 2017

    Vekoma's 2017 Reference List including:
    - Family Coasters
    - Thrill Rides
    - Family Attractions
    - Media-Based coasters -with Brogent
    - Wooden Coasters- with RMC
    - Train Replacements

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Schaapweg 18, Vlodrop, Netherlands

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