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An insight into Trampoline Park demographics: what the data tells us

ROLLER trampoline park

ROLLER, a leading entertainment and leisure all-in-one software provider, has released industry-wide data on the demographics of trampoline park users. 

by Mark Finn, Chief Financial Officer, ROLLER.

The insights are derived from over 50 venues that use ROLLER as a software solution and offer trampoline parks a better understanding of the type of people their park attracts and their key traits. The all-in-one cloud software vendor also shares some research on the common success factors of high performing venues. 

Trampoline park users

According to the data:

  • The most frequent age of a jumper is 9, with the 6-10 age group representing 35% of all jumpers
  • The next most frequent age of jumpers are 11-15-year-olds, representing 26% of all jumpers
  • 15% of the jumps are by those in the age bracket of 21-40
  • Children aged between the age of 1-5 represent 13% of those participating
  • A small number of jumpers are also in their forties, fifties and sixties 

ROLLER trampoline park

Although there is a strong cohort of younger jumpers, this data only tells part of the overall demographic story in terms of those going to the parks. Since all jumpers under 17 or younger (representing 77% of the jumpers) mostly require parental supervision, they are usually accompanied by parents, grandparents or other family friends which means that visiting a trampoline park is largely a family affair. 

Digging deeper into the data

Since trampoline parks cater mostly to families with younger children, we decided to dig deeper to understand the traits of these young ‘jumpers’ and their ‘millennial parents’. They cite industry studies showing that: 

We also found some common traits of high performing trampoline parks. Some offer a wide range of activities other than ‘jumping’. The data indicates that these are the ones which stay ahead of the curve. 

To learn more about the demographic findings and common traits of successful trampoline parks, read the original article on ROLLER’s website.

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