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The Experience and Unlimited Leisure present queue-free solution for parks

The experience ticket

The Experience, powered by Unlimited Leisure Holdings, provider of integrated solutions for leisure developments, is presenting a queue-free solution for theme parks.

For the price of admission, visitors are promised a fun-packed, memorable day out. But instead, they often end up waiting in queue lines for hours on end. Guests get bored, annoyed, and disappointed. It is a far cry from putting smiles on people’s faces.

The queueing issue can even be more pressing for indoor parks, where queue space is expensive and often not sufficiently available. So, what is keeping theme parks from becoming queue-free?

Queueing in a post-COVID-19 world

Unlimited Leisure has conducted research and looked at target groups as well as the Omnico Theme Park Barometer 2016/17 to discover what do guests really want.

Points that came up were that guests wanted the ability to pre-book their entire trip and reserve specific timeslots for all attractions. They want to be able to use their phone to create a personalised, stress-free experience that helps them to make the most of their visit.

What guests want queue free theme parks

Queue-free theme parks

The coronavirus pandemic will make operators think twice about queues.  Long, fully-packed queue lines will no longer be socially acceptable in the post-COVID-19 era.

What could this mean for parks? Many are now opening at a 25-50% lower than their usual capacity. This means substantially less revenue and long queue lines due to social distancing markings. And queue lines will become even longer as parks gradually increase their capacity.

Removing the need for queues will not only make guests feel more comfortable and like their wellbeing is being taken seriously, but it will also get rid of their number one complaint. Unlimed Leisure and The Experience are pleased to present a comprehensive solution:

Experience Ticket queue free theme parks

Proven queue-free solution

This is a proven and unique integral crowd management system with many park benefits. The solution:

  • Eliminates queues by allocating time slots for all desired rides, shows and food & beverage to all visitors at the time of booking from home or onsite.
  • Optimizes park capacity and thereby substantially limits any need for reducing the park capacity and revenues.
  • Spreads out visitors throughout the park and provides information about their whereabouts.
  • Enables planning daily operations ahead of time and generates valuable marketing information.
  • Visitors have long been waiting for and now more relevant than ever with long queues no longer being socially acceptable.
  • Can be provided as a fully integrated ticketing system as well as an extension to any existing systems.

This queue-free system for parks is easy to use. Visitors simply pre-book tickets online, booking the date and time for their whole party and entering personal details for marketing and ride eligibility. Then, they select their desired rides, shows and restaurants. The whole visit is then perfectly scheduled and guests just need to scan and enjoy on the day.

All rides with queues can be included and the park can at any time determine the allowable number of rides per person, to decrease or increase overall park capacity. The company has also created a simple capacity spreadsheet tool comparing pre and post-COVID-19 reality which is available on request.

Last year, The Experience also launched a straightforward spreadsheet for attractions operators which allows them to calculate the number of visitors they can cater to per day if they want to avoid their guests having to queue.

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