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From sea creatures to safaris – Zamperla keeps the custom-themed rides coming in Asia

Zamperla Monorial at Lotte World, number 15 on our list of the world's top theme parks of the decade

Zamperla continues to be busy in Asia with a number of new deliveries for large players in China and South Korea. Nearly all of these projects called for some custom theming.

Chimelong Paradise

Demolition Derby at Chimelong Paradise
Demolition Derby at Chimelong Paradise

At this popular Chinese park, two new themed areas were opened recently, as well as a racing car attraction. A circus-themed area built in honour of the popular Chimelong International Circus features, as you might expect, a family-focused ride mix.

These include custom-themed versions of Zamperla favourites such as a Magic Bikes and Demolition Derby. The centrepiece is an Air Race with a large elephant figure in the centre and monkeys next to the counterweights on the end of rotating each arm. This gives the illusion that the monkeys, as well as the riders, are performing a somersaults each time the four-seater gondolas turn through the sky.

This Air Race is the centrepiece of Chimelong’s new circus themed land

Chimelong has chosen to celebrate another of its Guangzhou resort facilities, Chimelong Safari Park, at another of Chimelong Paradise’s new themed areas. Here families can enjoy Zamperla attractions such as a Jump Around and Kite Flyer.

Custom-themed Barnyard at Chimelong Paradise
Custom-themed Barnyard at Chimelong Paradise

The third of the new Chimelong projects is the U-Drive attraction. This comprises two tracks which simulate a race between classic Italian sports cars. Guests are able to steer and accelerate their own vehicles while being kept on course by a central guide rail.

Wanda Hefei and Harbin

Whilst the Chimelong Group now boasts the busiest non-Disney theme park in Asia with Chimelong Ocean Kingdom down in Zhuhai, we mustn’t underestimate the ambition on the Wanda Group. For the third year in a row, Zamperla has opened rides at Wanda Parks.

“And when we look at the number of planned projects from the company in the future, we will probably be writing about them for many years to come,” says a spokesperson for the Italian manufacturer.

Mega Disk’O at Wanda Hefei

The most recent parks to open have been in the cities of Hefei and Harbin. Wanda Theme Park in Harbin offers visitors a wide selection of Zamperla attractions covering genres such as thrill, family and children’s rides, all of which have been custom-themed. Among the line-up is a Power Surge, Mega Disk’O 24, Sky Drop, Samba Tower, Jumping Star and Jump Around.

At Hefei Wanda Theme Park, Zamperla has installed three classic rides in the shape of a Disk’O Coaster, Sombrero and Jumping Star. The same park already features a standard-sized Disk’O, also custom-themed.

Fish-themed bumper cars at Lotte World

Lotte World

A very nice project in South Korea is thew new underwater-themed world at Lotte World in Seoul. Working closely with Lotte’s own team, Zamperla’s art department designed three family rides for the new area. These were a custom-themed carousel, bumper cars and a suspended monorail with eight-seater dolphin gondolas.

Custom underwater-themed carousel at Lotte World

Gyeongju World

Following the success of an Air Race installed earlier at E-World, another Korean venue has chosen to add the Zamperla best seller. Gyeongju World, in the city of the same name, took the decision to go for a slightly tweaked design, which it has named Dragon Race.

Gyeongju World’s Dragon Race

More to come in Korea

At Resorts World Jeju, a new integrated resort taking shape on Jeju Island in Korea, Zamperla technicians are currently working on the installation of a Disk’O Coaster, a Tea Cup 12 and an Energy Storm 5. The resort was conceived by the Genting Group of Malaysia, which is understood to have sold its stake to concentrate on projects in Singapore and Japan. Further big rides from Zamperla will open in South Korea over the coming months, we are informed.

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