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1.2m people around the world watch April the Giraffe and baby

April the giraffe baby animal adventure

After over two months of waiting, Animal Adventure’s famous giraffe April has finally given birth, live on YouTube.

April the Giraffe’s live web cam became an internet sensation via YouTube back in February, when animal rights activists got the live feed briefly taken offline after reporting it for ‘being sexually explicit or having nude content’.

The feed, active since the 10th of February, has racked up over 232 million live views, amounting to 7.6 billion minutes of live watch time. The giraffe has become the second most live-viewed channel in YouTube history over a mere 66 days, and on the day of the birth itself the channel had over 14 million live views. 1.2 million people watched the live stream simultaneously from around the world at 6:55AM PST, making it one of the top five most viewed live events in YouTube history.

In case you missed it, the recorded footage of the entire labour is shown above. The moment of birth starts at approximately 3:10:00.

Animal Adventure park owner Jordan Patch has said “both mom and calf are doing fine,” and was apparently so excited that he was shaking when he went to assemble the delivery team. The park has said that the male calf will be allowed to naturally wean off of his mother before being sent to join another zoo’s breeding program.

april the giraffe and her new baby animal adventure

Interest in the new arrival is likely to continue as Animal Adventure plan to hold a public vote to name the new arrival.

Photo and video courtesy of Animal Adventure

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