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AZA partners with Wildlife Trafficking Alliance & Christopher Radko to fight tiger trafficking

Radko WTA Tiger Ornament AZA

AZA, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, has announced a new partnership with the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (WTA) and Rauch Industries, makers of Christopher Radko ornaments, which will support global efforts to end the trafficking of tigers.

The two-year partnership will see the creation of a unique tiger-themed blown glass Christmas ornament, with a percentage of the sales going to the WTA’s global initiatives to combat the issue.

Combatting tiger trafficking

“There are few things as recognizable on a holiday tree as a Christopher Radko glass ornament. They spark conversation as soon as they come out of their box,” says Sara Walker, AZA’s Senior Advisor on Wildlife Trafficking.

“Our partnership not only provides a beautiful ornament to consumers but also gives them a direct way to help combat the senseless trafficking of tigers. We are very excited to be working with such an iconic brand!”

The ornament was recently showcased for retailers at The Gift Show in Atlanta, Georgia, and is available for preorder at the Christopher Radko website.

“We are thrilled to start this incredible partnership with the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance and to have the opportunity to help protect these beautiful animals. We cannot wait to see the success of this piece and the large impact that it will have on helping combat the trafficking of tigers,” says Amy Pearson, Vice President of Design, Product Development and Brand Marketing at Christopher Radko.

AZA invested over $230 million into field conservation in 2019, as part of its mission to protect endangered species. Its member facilities have helped to create 2 new programs in the past year, including Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE).

SAFE now comprises conservation efforts for 29 threatened species, which are increasingly vulnerable to challenges such as habitat loss, poaching, pollution, and pathogens. Now in its second year of issuing grants, AZA SAFE is helping to direct funding for 4 new member-led conservation projects.

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