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Cloward H20 provides pool expertise to Essex County Turtle Back Zoo


New Jersey’s Essex County Turtle Back Zoo recently added new habitats for its penguins and flamingoes with help from ClowardH20.

The water systems specialist partnered with French & Parello Associates on the zoo’s Shores of Africa penguin exhibit and $3.2 million Flamingo Exhibit. The watery, state-of-the-art habitats mimic healthy, natural environments.

Centre stage as visitors enter the zoo is the Flamingo Exhibit, where two dozen of the pink birds reside. Most of their time is spent wading and feeding in a 20,000 gallon saltwater pool enhanced by a waterfall and nesting island. But on cool nights or during colder months, they retreat to an indoor 1,000-gallon pool. This can be drained and filled with either freshwater or saltwater, depending on the birds’ feeding needs.

Essex-County-Turtle-Back-Zoo-Penguin-Exhibit1Meanwhile the Shores of Africa indoor penguin exhibit recreates the South African coastline where the birds are found with a 29,500-gallon saltwater pool and surrounding rockwork. Three large viewing windows allow zoo guests to see for themselves how the African Penguins swim, dive and turn with lightning speed.

Together ClowardH20 and French & Parello fully designed and engineered site and building layouts, pool structures, mechanical and electrical systems, controls and water treatment systems, including filtration and saltwater conditioning.

“It is always such a pleasure to participate in sustainable habitat projects,” says ClowardH20 project engineer, Mark Boren. “We take pride in perfecting water for happy, healthy zoo habitats.”

Images courtesy Essex County Turtle Back Zoo Facebook


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