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    Cloward H2O

    Cloward H2O has provided consulting engineering services since 1977.

    It has been dedicating its primary resources to specialized water feature designs of all kinds including water parks, slides, pools, fountains, interactive features, and aquatic life support systems, distinguishing itself as one of the top water feature and aquatic life support system design firms in the world.

    CLOWARD H2O has designed many of the world’s foremost aquatic leisure and marine facilities. We bring leading edge technology in design, filtration, chemical treatment, ozonation, pool edges and other integral components to each project we undertake.

    The company has delivered projects around the world in several markets including recreation such as waterparks, attractions and aquariums, as well as mixed use resorts, hotels and parks.

    Aquatic Design and Engineering 

    The Aquatic Design and Engineering of water features is a specialized field with unique challenges.  Some companies specialize in fountain design, others in pools and waterparks, and others in aquatic life support.  At Cloward H2O we are specialists in “all things water”.  We handle all aspects in each of these types of projects including:

    • Planning and Conceptual
    • Water Circulation and Treatment Engineering
    • Hydraulic Analysis and Modelling
    • Aquatic Life Support Design
    • Structural Engineering
    • Power and Controls


    The Cloward H2O team works every project efficiently from the conceptual design phase into the engineering phase keeping the “what” and “how” in focus.  We detail our plans to a far greater degree than most other design engineers.  This additional detail saves time and money in later stages of the project. Services such as:

    • Engineering Construction Documents
    • Construction Services
    • Commissioning and Start-Up
    • Post Construction



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