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Connect&GO explores how zoos & aquariums can use RFID to increase engagement

Connect&GO RFID zoos and aquariums customer engagement

Connect&GO, a leader in RFID solutions for the leisure, sports and attractions industry, has been exploring how zoos and aquariums can use RFID technology to increase guest engagement.

In a newly published whitepaper, Connect&GO has been examining the benefits of RFID technology, and how it can be used to increase visitor engagement for zoos and aquariums. This type of attraction has always been a popular pick for a day out, and now many are integrating RFID solutions to ensure guests get even more out of the experience. RFID wristbands not only replace a paper ticket, but they can also offer extra services and opportunities for guests. Facility operators can also use them to learn more about their visitors.

Easy access & purchasing

With RFID wristbands, zoos and aquariums can make ticketing and entry to their facilities quick and easy. After registering and purchasing tickets online, visitors simply collect their wristbands at self-service points on arrival. Entry is simple, with a quick scan of the wristband. The process also means that zoos and aquariums know exactly who is on site. For extra peace of mind, child passes can be paired with their parents.

Visitors can also enjoy cashless transactions on site when they link their RFID wristband to their credit card or load credit. The process is secure and saves the hassle of visitors having their wallets to hand. Parents can even allocate spending money to child wristbands too.

A wealth of information

RFID wristbands make it easy for guests to access extra features, such as news, updates and information about the attraction. Zoos and aquariums can share the latest on their inhabitants, whether its a new arrival or a seasonal update. By staying connected to visitors, the attractions can learn about and respond to their specific interests. Games and trivia kiosks around the zoo or aquarium can help to build a picture of what the guests are interested in – they can even request to have further information sent to them in an email.

Whenever a visitor scans their RFID wristband, the attraction learns more about them and the way they interact with the zoo or aquarium. Facility operators can utilise this consumer behaviour information when considering marketing decisions or expansion plans. This detailed understanding of their audience helps zoos and aquariums to offer exceptional guest experiences.

To find out more about how RFID solutions can increase guest engagement at zoos and aquariums, download Connect&GO’s whitepaper on the topic. 

Play and rewards

Zoos and aquariums can also use RFID solutions to encourage visitors to play on-site games, scavenger hunts and contests. Guest earn points each time they scan their RFID wristband, which can then be redeemed for prizes or discounts on future visits. Guests can also easily donate to the attraction or its affiliated causes through instant donation kiosks on site, where they simply choose an amount and scan their wristband.

For attractions such as zoos and aquariums who depend on repeat visits and consumer loyalty, RFID technology can help to build this. By creating a meaningful connection with each guest, zoos and aquariums are able to offer a customized experience. Using the data gathered, they can design targeted marketing campaigns. This means that they can reach out to specific guests with promotions that will interest them.

Connect&GO recently completed an RFID installation at the newly renovated Owl’s Head resort in Quebec. Now skiers can enjoy convenient ticketing, cashless payment and hassle-free lift access thanks to the fully connected and customised ticketing platform.

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