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Gateway Ticketing Systems continues Webinar Wednesdays series

Gateway Webinar Wednesdays

Gateway Ticketing Systems, a leading provider of admission control systems, is assisting the attractions industry during the global coronavirus pandemic through a series of webinars.

Gateway Ticketing Systems is pleased to announce that its Webinar Wednesdays series will continue, with this week’s session focusing on what preparations attractions should be making in anticipation of reopening. This follows last week’s well-received webinar Entitled “Operational Strategies for Now and the Next Normal.”

“It started with a small idea: to create a new tool to help just our customers update pass or membership validity and extend the expiration date, in bulk. And then show them how to use it in a webinar,” says Randy Josselyn, Principal of Wildlife and Conservation at Gateway, and one of the webinar’s co-hosts. “That one was so popular that we knew we needed to hold more webinars to continue to support our customers.”

Helping attractions to adjust

Last week’s webinar featured Gateway customers and employees exploring how to plan during the crisis, with topics such as leveraging and expanding communication tools, alternative revenue streams, preparing to reopen with limitations and more.

Over 250 attraction industry professionals from zoos, aquariums, museums, theme parks, water parks, botanical gardens, ferries and other venues viewed the webinar, which was hosted by three panellists and had space for questions and discussions at the end.

“We showed our customers how to update the messaging on their web store, how to change the on/off sales date for online products, how to manage order reservations, and demonstrated other useful tips for addressing issues that were impacting them at that exact moment,” says Josselyn.

“The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, that we knew we had to develop a whole series of webinars with a broader focus and open them up to a wider industry audience,” says Peter Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gateway.

“We’re an industry leader. We’ve been around for 32 years. We work with attractions big and small, across the world, and we have many employees who have worked on the operator side. We all need to unite during this terrible crisis, Gateway customer or not, and we have the connections and expertise to make that happen.”

A supportive community

“We just want to help,” says Michael Andre, President and CEO at Gateway. “We are all feeling the negative effects of coronavirus closures and disruption to business, and we all stand to benefit by helping each other navigate these obstacles.

“Even if you’re not a Gateway customer – in fact, even if you will never be a Gateway customer – join us for Webinar Wednesdays. Us and our community need to hear from you. We all need to learn from your best practices and successful tactics for making it through these challenging times. We’ll all be better for it in the end.”

This week’s webinar will take place on 8 April at 2 pm EST and will focus on how to prepare for reopening, looking at a wide range of issues from handling money or credits cards to sanitising rides and attractions. To register for the session, please click here.

Gateway Ticketing Systems also recently announced that it will be working with one of Canada’s newest attractions, Little Canada, which is set to open later in 2020.

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