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Photogenic brings digital video tech & free guest engagement to San Antonio Zoo


Photogenic Inc., a souvenir photography company providing ground-breaking capture technologies, has announced that it is bringing its ePostcard platform and digital photo redemption portal to San Antonio Zoo, allowing the attraction to benefit from more guest engagement opportunities.

The company is enhancing its partners’ marketing efforts and retail opportunities by expanding its instant mobile sales platform with the addition of a FREE video ePostcard for all guests. San Antonio Zoo is the latest venue to take advantage of the technology, offering the experience free to every visitor.

San Antonio Zoo

Platform expanded with free video ePostcard

Catherine Lorenzo, VP of Revenue at San Antonio Zoo, says: “How many photo companies have developed a product that digitally encompasses the entire guest experience and provides a free keepsake to all guests? Just Photogenic!”

This expansion of the video ePostcard platform means that visitors to the zoo, as well as guests at other select Photogenic partners, can select their favourite professional photographs of their visit and create a free video ePostcard to share, as well as instantly viewing and purchasing their images directly from their mobile device.

“I could not be more excited to offer the ePostcard to our Guests,” adds Lorenzo. “The platform is so exciting because it gives our team the ability to completely customize our offering. Photogenic makes creating a fun and engaging digital product for our Guests a seamless experience, allowing us to choose everything from the video footage to the messaging included in the ePostcard.”

San Antonio Zoo
San Antonio Zoo

This initiative means that guests can get an instant added benefit, at no cost to the attraction. Plus, the venue will get a boost in social sharing by harnessing the power of this free engagement and marketing tool, allowing them to reach a wider audience. In the case of San Antonio Zoo, this means it can reach more people with its messaging about conservation, sponsorship, fundraising and more.

Boosting guest satisfaction and revenue

Following the initial six-month rollout and testing period at locations across the US, Photogenic can confirm this new initiative has boosted the guest experience, increased visitor satisfaction and had a positive effect on revenue.

Photogenic’s ePostcard at San Antonio Zoo

“I continue to be impressed with the impacts ePostcard, and our new digital offerings have had, not only on Guest satisfaction and site revenues, but the positive impact to our partners and their ability to reach larger audiences to convey their message,” says John Barbieri, Photogenic’s Chief Strategy Officer.

“There are few things more powerful than a personal video/image, so this is a logical step to creating marketing value for our partners while at the same time enhancing the experience for all Guests whether they decide to purchase a photo package or not.”

With this recent launch, Photogenic also announced its new Partner Portal. This allows the company’s partners to manage drip campaigns and monitor real-time stats such as sales, conversion rates, and ePostcard engagement, all remotely in a dashboard with a detailed dashboard report.

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