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    Leisure Development Partners

    Leisure Development Partners (LDP) is a leading consulting practice focused on leisure and entertainment real estate.

    LDP excels at market and economic testing for both new projects and existing operations, providing services to the development, investment and operations communities.

    LDP provides feasibility, economic and market analysis for theme parks, waterparks, attractions, entertainment centres, museums, educational and heritage attractions, event venues, mixed use masterplans, retail and resort projects.

    The Research Phase

    LDP’s approach starts by fully understanding the client’s goals and needs. What land uses, concepts and locations are involved and what elements of advice are required?

    Each of LDP’s Partners brings many years of experience and a unique history in terms of the geographies and concepts they have addressed. We tailor the very best team for every new assignment.

    With the team assembled, all of our work then relies on two fundamental research building blocks, gathered both in the field and from the desk:

    • A detailed understanding of the market context
      • Analysis of the available markets and competitive environment
      • We have a team which is highly proficient in getting up to speed in new, emerging, or challenging markets
    • The right benchmarking data
      • We have an exceptional database of key performance indicators for many hundreds of leisure, entertainment, educational, dining, lodging and cultural facilities
      • Regional, national and international benchmarking

    Analytical Stage

    Through objective analysis and creative thinking our job is to ensure development programmes align with market demand, providing for optimal returns.

    • Throughout the programme testing and financial analysis phase of a project, we continually work to hone concepts and programmes for best fit with the markets.
    • If we find issues or areas of weakness we work with our clients to address these.
    • We keep track of emerging trends and concepts in order to identify new opportunities and maximise the potential of our clients’ developments.
    • Our experience, analytical tools, detailed financial models and industry knowledge are applied to optimise our clients’ strategies, ensuring the most effective use of their resources.
    • Our independent and objective approach is respected by financial institutions, public sector decision makers and private clients and results in bankable outputs providing detailed, clear and concise advice.

    Key service ares:

    • Market analysis
    • Financial analysis
    • Performance improvement and existing venues
    • Cost benefit analysis and Other services.

    Areas of expertise:


    Museums Play Theme Parks Water Parks Zoos and Aquariums

    Products and services

    Attraction/Theme Park Development Consultants Cultural/Museum Development Destination Development Economic Financing/Leasing Market Research Strategy