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Lumsden Warner Bros Studio Tour cafe and Restaurant


Designing amazing spaces for the world’s most revered museums, galleries, visitor and cultural attractions.

Lumsden specialise in the design of retail, food and beverage spaces for Destinations. We have provided solutions for many of the world’s most admired museums, galleries, visitor and cultural attractions.

Lumsden design bespoke stores tailored to their brand and environment, to the customer and the product. We creatively collaborate with our clients, architects, and contractors.

From managing customer flow, digital integration, stock, storage and queue management, to enhancing sensational surroundings, our designs strike the balance of being beautiful, whilst meeting the commercial objectives of sales.

With a common objective of an enticing and commercially successful space where the visitor’s experience continues past the attraction. Lumsden aim for immersive and enjoyable active participation, from simply attending to buying a memory, a gift, a cappuccino.

Our clients tell us what they need to sell, how many and who to, and within what budget and constraints of space and time. We listen. Team players all, we creatively collaborate with our clients, forging productive alliances with them and with partners such as architects and contractors. There is one shared goal – a brilliant shop that performs brilliantly.

Interior Design | Retail, Food & Beverage | Lumsden Design
2020 The Museum of Modern Art, Flagship Store, New York

Our projects include:

  • Freemasons Hall, London
  • Moma Flagship Store
  • Waner Bros Studio Tour London, Restaurant and Cafe
  • V&A Dundee
  • Harriet Kesal bespoke Jewellery
  • Glendebourne Opera Festival
  • Design Store MoMO, Kyoto
  • Henry Moore Foundation, Hertfordshire
  • Design Store MoMA New York
  • Whitworth Art Gallery
  • British Museum
  • Tate Modern
  • Belvedere Vienna

What we do is the seen of shopping and the unseen of retailing.

What your customer sees is your brand, your store, the graphics, the point of sale and, above all, your wares.
What they may notice is the lighting, the furniture and the ambiance.

British Museum retail by Lumsden
British Museum retail

What your team sees (and appreciates) is the engineering of customer flow, stock management and merchandising system design.

What is unseen by all but you and your architects/contractors, but is invaluable to the customer experience and the profitability of retail, is our future thinking, our prototyping, our value engineering our specification packages and project management.

There is a flow to our process. We research and audit before we create concepts. Those designs are, in partnership with you, refined and developed into detailed drawing and specifications before their realisation and optimisation.

Thomas Ford House
1st Floor,
23-24 Smithfield Street
London EC1A 9LF
United Kingdom

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Thomas Ford House 1st Floor, 23-24 Smithfield Street London EC1A 9LF United Kingdom

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