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Nomad Exhibitions

Nomad Exhibitions designs and produces sustainable temporary, touring, and permanent exhibitions around the world.

Nomad Exhibitions designs and produces sustainable temporary, touring, and permanent exhibitions around the world. Our exhibitions are designed for galleries, museums and cultural venues to create meaningful and lasting interactions between these spaces and their visitors.

We recognise that touring exhibitions have a responsibility to adapt and protect the environment. That is why Nomad Exhibitions delivers all of its exhibitions and services with full carbon neutrality.

Our team aims to have a positive contribution toward improving exhibition production, and we are committed to creating worldwide access to outstanding collections and heritage.

We focus on creative design, curatorial excellence, exceptional partnerships and environmental responsibility.

Our climate pledge

Nomad Exhibitions has joined the Climate Neutral Now initiative, which was launched by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat.

We are able to deliver carbon-neutral touring exhibitions by evaluating and measuring our greenhouse gas emissions. We also reduce emissions throughout our activities, and we compensate for any emissions that we cannot avoid through UN-certified emission reduction programmes.

Nomad Exhibitions has designed and produced innovative exhibitions using integrated reusable and recyclable materials, as well as reducing our packing volume and weight.


Nomad Exhibitions was previously known as Studio SP before it became Nomad Exhibitions in 2012. Studio SP was established in 2004 in Edinburgh and designed interpretive design projects for permanent museum galleries, temporary exhibitions and heritage centres.

Now, our team works extensively in the Middle East and China, completing feasibility studies and master plans for new museum projects.

We keep design at the heart of everything we do, and always push the boundaries of sustainability, accessibility and creative excellence.

Strategic Consulting

We provide strategic and planning guidance to the world’s leading cultural organisations. We can support staff as well as provide feasibility and concept planning. The Nomad Exhibitions team is also able to plan international touring strategies for exhibitions.

We provide a collaborative and supportive approach to our partners. This means challenging concepts can be explored and developed within a unique cost-effective framework.

Since pledging to become climate-neutral in 2021, we have been able to share our approach to sustainability with other organisations around the world. Nomad Exhibitions is pleased to encourage positive sustainable change within the sector.

40 Henderson Row
Edinburgh, EH3 5DN
(+44) 7900 888 641
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40 Henderson Row Edinburgh, EH3 5DN

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