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Popcorn Revenge

Popcorn Revenge is a unique IP created by Alterface, featuring cartoon-like popcorn characters and is available for rides, attractions and IP opportunities.

Life outside the popcorn bucket

Popcorn Revenge is a unique IP created by Alterface, which features cheeky, cartoon-like popcorn characters. The first attraction using the IP has opened in Walibi Belgium. The IP is an opportunity available for all sorts of rides, attractions and opportunities.

Tired of being eaten by cinema-goers, the popcorns pop out of their boxes. They then cause chaos in a variety of scenes inspired by popular movies. Riders must save the cinema by immobilising the crazy corns with guns known as ‘caramel dispensers’. In total, there are 1,000 pieces of popcorn to shoot at.


“It’s a versatile and fun IP we have created and patented, in close cooperation with our design partner. We are all so excited about the great opportunities this opens up” said Laurence Beckers, Special Projects and Technology Scout at Alterface.

“The popcorn expressions and gags are universal,” says Jean-Hervé Madec, creative director at Compagnie des Alpes. “It’s an easy concept to understand for all ages, and language is not a barrier.”

Potentially, hundreds of popcorn characters can be created for other parties that license the IP.


“The intention is to make the IP evolve so that, besides the cinema and studio world, it can ‘invade’ any type of environment – from museum to restaurant, shopping mall and more,” says Cornet. “It offers plenty of opportunities.”

From the outset, the vision for Popcorn Revenge as an intellectual property (IP) was for it to feature an integral line of merchandise.

“Merchandising extends the memories of the experience and therefore adds emotional value,” says Beckers.

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Avenue Pasteur 11, B-1300 Wavre, Belgium

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