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Gateway Ticketing Systems wins Industry Leader Golden Ticket Award

Gateway Ticketing Golden Ticket Award

Gateway Ticketing Systems, a leading provider of admission control systems, has been recognised with an Industry Leader Golden Ticket Award by Amusement Today.

Gateway Ticketing Systems is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Golden Ticket Industry Leader: Supplier Award by Amusement Today. While Amusement Today was not able to hold its usual Golden Ticket Awards as a result of the pandemic, it recognised several companies with Industry Leader Awards.

Thanks to its award-winning Webinar Wednesdays series, hosted by Randy Josselyn and Matthew Hoenstine, which provided advice, insights and support to attractions during the crisis, Gateway Ticketing Systems was recognised as the key industry leader in the Supplier category.

An industry leader

“As the pandemic unfolded, Gateway Ticketing Systems immediately became a moral support outlet through a series of webinars. With seasoned industry panellists offering advice — some of which had expertise from Asia parks who faced the crisis first — affected facilities began to forge their paths to navigate forward as confidently and informed as possible,” said a statement from Amusement Today.

“Strategies for reopening and maximizing revenue streams with limited attendance became vital topics. Because of its level of service to the industry and its educational and informational webinars, Gateway Ticketing Systems is the recipient of the Golden Ticket Industry Leader: Supplier Award.”

“This has been a challenging year, but there is still a tremendous amount of hard work going on. Amusement Today didn’t want to miss an opportunity to recognize those who continue to move the industry forward,” says publisher Gary Slade.

Supporting the attractions industry

“We could not be more proud to receive this award,” says Peter Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gateway Ticketing Systems.

“When we first began Webinar Wednesdays, it was as a support outlet only for our customers. We never imagined it would grow to where it is today, reaching upwards of 800 professionals across the industry every week. It’s a testament to the hard work of our team at Gateway, and the willingness of the industry at large to come together, share best practices, and help everyone make it through this pandemic.”

Earlier this month, Gateway Ticketing Systems announced that it has been working in partnership with Prologic First Dubai on Loopagoon in Saudi Arabia, the first women-only water park in the world. The company has provided its Galaxy Ticketing and Guest Experience solution for the new attraction.

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