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Geek heaven: Large Scale Systems Museum preserves history of computers for future generations

large scale systems museum

The Large Scale Systems Museum (LSSM) in New Kensington PA has re-opened after renovation and added a new wing – the Large Scale Integration Museum (LSIM).

Founded by IT veteran David McGuire in 2015, the museums track the leaps in technology from the earliest days of computers the size of rooms, to the smartphones we carry in our pockets.

With collections ranging from the earliest four-bit 4004 processors through the desktop computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, the LSSM and the LSIM also highlight the stories of the personalities behind the innovations that have shaped our world.

McGuire is on a mission to preserve the history of computer evolution for the generations of computer scientists to come.  What currently seems like out-moded junk should be preserved for the tech pioneers of the future.

The Large Scale Systems Museum and the Large Scale Integration Museum will be open with docents on duty at the New Kensington Better Block party on May 6th.  A special treat for visitors will be demonstrations of many of the moth balled systems which will be running through the day.

More information about the event and collection can be found on the LSSM facebook page.

Image: LSSM

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