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Museum Hotel Antakya scoops architecture and design award

museum hotel antakya

The Museum Hotel Antakya, the world’s first modern revival of an ancient heritage site, has been awarded an Honourable Mention in Architectural Design by The Design that Educates Awards 2020.

The Museum Hotel Antakya is both a hotel and museum, set on the foundations of ancient Antioch in the heart of modern Antakya.

It boasts 23 centuries of history, and is home to the world’s largest single floor mosaic, dating back to the 4th century.

The attraction started out as a luxury hotel, before archaeological excavations unveiled five layers of history, including 30,000 ancient artefacts.

Museum Hotel Antakya is set on ancient Antioch

Artefacts include a rare Pegasus mosaic, a marble Eros sculpture, and the largest single-piece Roman mosaic ever discovered, thought to be the floor of a villa forum.

According to a press release, when the Asfuroğlu broke ground on the new hotel, they had no idea what they would find, and how it would forever change the region.

The building was raised to make room for a huge open-air national archaeology park, with views of the world’s first cave church, St Pierre.

The archaeology park is located on 17,132 square metres, and is part of the state-owned and operated Necmi Asfuroğlu Archaeological Museum (NAAM), named after the museum hotel’s owners.

Experience the world’s largest single floor mosaic

In addition, the Museum Hotel Antakya features five restaurants and bars, the city’s largest spa, wellbeing and fitness hub, and event spaces.

The Museum Hotel Antakya, which opened on January 1, was designed by renowned Turkish design firm Emre Arolat Architecture (EAA).

The Design that Educates Awards (DtEA) recognise, showcase, and promote the best educational ideas and implementations of architecture and design.

Blooloop recently explored the emerging trend of the museum hotel, and leading the way is Tasmania’s unconventional Museum of Old and New Art.

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