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Universcience celebrates upcoming Jeans exhibition at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

Cité des sciences Jeans exhibition

Universcience, an organisation that works to make science accessible to all, has announced that Jeans is coming soon at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris.

The new exhibition, Jeans, will open on 15 December and will then run until 22 January 2022 at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.

“Jeans presents the extraordinary saga of a universal garment, a tale that encompasses culture, the fashion industry and consumption. A fascinating story in which France and its creators and entrepreneurs play a decisive role,” says Bruno Maquart, Chairman and CEO of Universcience.

“Jeans also shows how our globalised world works today and identifies its excesses. Devised by the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in partnership with the French Ecological Transition Agency, the exhibition turns jeans inside out to reveal what lies under their surface.

“It invites all of us consumers – 73 pairs of jeans are sold worldwide every second – to explore the alternative of ‘clean jeans’. A way of gathering to weave together the threads of pleasure and responsibility.”

Exploring the planet’s favourite item of clothing

Jeans are the most popular piece of clothing in the world. Since their first appearance in California, where they are reputed to have been worn by hawkers and gold miners, they have now become ubiquitous across the globe.

Over time, jeans have been symbolic of many things, from rebellion and anti-conformism to leisure and even high fashion. And now, in today’s world, the question of how they are produced is more relevant than ever. Jeans have been castigated for their environmental impact and are linked to overconsumption and industrial pollution.

This new immersive exhibition explores the history of this iconic garment, looking at its rise to fame, its cultural impact, how jeans are produced, and how we can make better, more environmentally-friendly choices when it comes to our own pair.

Jeans through the years

Jeans exhibition Cité des sciencesThe exhibition begins with a presentation on the material itself, where visitors will learn the difference between jeans and denim, before moving onto the ‘buttock wall’ and then posing in a photo booth for pictures that resemble those of famous personalities such as James Dean, Barack Obama, Shakira or Angèle, the Belgian singer.

There is also an ‘exploded’ pair of jeans which highlights all the different sections of the clothing and, finally, a wall of dolls which shows how the material is used for all kinds of clothing. Then, as they leave the exhibition, the What Can the Consumer Do section provides advice on responsible purchasing and consumption.

Earlier this year, Universcience also announced that it was bringing its popular The Secret of the Gut exhibition to Heureka in Finland.

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