Christie and Wincomn light up Dongyi Cultural Museum with multimedia show

Christie has partnered with Wincomn Technology once again, this time for a stunning multimedia show at Dongyi Culture Museum in China.

The large-scale experience is understood to be the first in Shandong Province to combine projection, laser, fog and audio effects. The projection portion of “Da Mei Yi Song” (which means Tribute to the Great and Beautiful Dongyi Culture) uses over 20 Christie D20WU-HS projectors which power vivid and engaging visuals on the outer walls of the museum.

The show is designed to highlight the wonders of the Dongyi culture, the origins of which date back thousands of years.

“Dongyi culture is known for its independent system, unique style, continuity and long-lasting cultural influence,” explained Tony Chen, General Manager, Wincomn Technology.

dongyi cultural museum multimedia show

“It holds an important historical position and has made huge contributions to the process of historical development and cultural creation in Chinese civilization. It is for these reasons that Wincomn sees much value in participating in the ‘Da Mei Yi Song’ multimedia show, and we are pleased to be involved in the design and installation works for the projection showcase.”

Captivating visuals bring Dongyi culture to life

The uneven surfaces and varying heights of the museum’s curved outer walls presented the team with a number of challenges. Wincomn employed simulation to resolve any issues, using an accurate three-dimensional model. It was also imperative that colour reproduction and image quality met the high demands of such a huge canvas.

“This is where the strengths of the Christie D20WU-HS really shone with its BoldColor Technology, which creates the colour balance needed to reproduce colourful images, without sacrificing brightness,” commented Chen. “We also double-stacked the projectors and this arrangement enabled us to fully maximize the quality of the projected images on the large projection canvas.”

dongyi cultural museum china

Bryan Boehme, Executive Director, Global Sales & Business Development, Entertainment, Christie, added:

“Our partner, Wincomn Technology, has been known to push the boundaries of digital projection for many of its major projects across China. With the innovative deployment of our Christie D20WU-HS projectors, Wincomn has demonstrated how technology can be harnessed to enhance the showcase of ancient history and culture through captivating visuals.”