Southern California’s most popular theme park will open the West Coast’s first Dive Coaster in 2018. 

The steel roller coaster, named HangTime, will be 150ft tall and located in the Boardwalk area of Knotts Berry Farm.

Riders will be sent down the steepest drop in California at 96 degrees. At the highest peak of the coaster, the train will suspend riders at a 60-degree angle for several seconds.

The dive coaster will comprise 2,198 feet of steel track. It will also feature five inversions, also including a negative-g stall loop that will give riders the sensation of floating. HangTime will be only the second roller coaster in the Western hemisphere to feature this kind of inversion.

Jon Storbeck, vice president and general manager of Knott’s Berry Farm, said: “HangTime’s disappearing track creates a memorable illusion of the unknown as riders feel like they are hanging over a cliff, staring at the ground in nervous anticipation.

“People who crave that adrenaline rush will want to ride this coaster again and again. Introducing a coaster like HangTime firmly positions Knott’s Berry Farm as a must see attraction among Southern California theme parks, and we look forward to welcoming our guests to this new experience.”

The ride structure will additionally feature colourful nighttime track chase lighting to illuminate the Boardwalk area and bring the ride to life. The coaster is manufactured by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides and is the company’s next-generation “infinity coaster” model.

Knott’s Berry Farm is one of 11 amusement parks owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

Image: Knott’s Berry Farm