Euro Disney and Center Parcs are celebrating the opening of their joint eco-tourism project, Villages Nature Paris.

Conceived in 2003, Villages Nature Paris brings Disney’s theme park nouse and storytelling know-how to the distinctive Center Parcs outdoor holiday experience.

The new destination is located just 32km from Paris and 6 km from Disneyland® Paris.

Encompassing 120 hectares, it offers 868 apartments and cottages and 5 ‘interactive universes’ to explore. These are specifically: Aqualagon, BelleVie Farm, Extraordinary Gardens, Forest of Legends and Lakeside Promenade.

Aqualagon features a 2,500m² outdoor lagoon for bathers maintained at 30°C all year. There is also a 9000 square metre indoor waterpark featuring 7 waterslides.

Euro Disney and Center Parcs celebrate opening of eco-tourism destination Villages Nature Paris

BelleVie Farm gives kids the chance to get up close and personal with live farm animals including cows, ponies and goats. The farm also offers educational themed workshops.

The product of a unique partnership

The Extraordinary Gardens occupy over 2 hectares and celebrate the elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Filled with flowers offering year-round interest, guests can follow contemplative or fun pathways through the greenery.

Forest of Legends is a wooded area where children aged 2 to 12 can play and explore amongst the trees.

The Lakeside Promenade is the retail and shopping district, featuring brands such as Nature et Découvertes, Franprix, Swind, Chez Meunier and Les Petits Chaperons Rouges, as well as a wide range of dining options.

The resort’s commitment to the environment includes a number of sustainable initiatives. For example, the source of the site’s heating and hot water is geothermal energy which produces zero greenhouse gases.

“We are proud to officially open Villages Nature Paris, the product of a unique partnership between two major players in global and European tourism,” announced Catherine Powell, Présidente of Euro Disney group.

“By combining innovation and sustainability, we have helped to write a new page in the tourism of the future.”

Images courtesy Villages Nature Paris