Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg has pitted a giant against a god, as two Intamin thrill rides go head to head.

The innovative ride developer has provided Europe’s highest gyro swing to the Swedish park to sit alongside its hit wooden coaster.

Named ‘Loke’ and ‘Balder’ respectively, after a giant and a god from Norse mythology, the two rides are now locked in a perpetual battle.

Intamin gyro swing coaster Liseberg

Loke’s swinging pendulum not only reaches a breathless top speed of 100km/h, it also swings scarily close to Balder, giving the impression that the two will collide.

Intamin’s cutting-edge suspended seating arrangement for 40 outward-facing passengers, produces a sensational feeling of flying. As the pendulum passes through the vertical position, riders experience the thrill of increased G-forces.

Liseberg Loke Intamin gyro swing ride

Swinging to a height of 42 meters with a 120 degree angle of swing, Loke also creates the sensation of almost complete weightlessness.

The ride last for over one and a half minutes with a capacity of 900 passengers per hour.

The seats and the restraint have been designed with complete comfort in mind so that passengers can concentrate on enjoying the ride. The main drive – a completely new design – is both very powerful and almost noiseless. Intamin’s GYRO SWING is not only very spectacular, it is probably the most silent round ride of this class and size. Apart from the screams, of course.

Intamin gyro swing coaster Liseberg

Intamin has been producing world-beating rides for fifty years. The multi record-breaking company continues to push the boundaries to provide clients with the latest thrill experiences. Recent innovations include the freefall tower, Sky Jump; the fastest roller coaster on earth at 240 km/h in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and the record-breaking launch coaster Taron, where the track crosses 116 times.