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    Intamin has gained a reputation in the world for providing high quality and innovative products for the amusement park, theme park and entertainment market.

    Intamin has a vast range of products: From all types of Steel Roller Coasters to Wooden Roller Coasters to all kinds of Water Rides (e.g. Rafts, Rapids Rides, Flume Rides, Spillwater Rides, Splash Rides, Boat Rides), from Observation Towers to several different Free Fall Attractions, from Simulators to Giant Wheels, from Dark Rides to Round Rides, Flat Rides and High-Rising Rides.

    Not only that, in nearly all categories by our innovative approach we hold a position as the market-leader. What is clear to all who know the names is that we are synonymous with innovation, quality and creativity as shown by the numerous from IAAPA and others for ‘Innovation in Technology’ and ‘Best Ride’ categories.  INTAMIN’s customer list reads like a ‘Who’s who’ of the industry.

    Intamin: 50 years Leading the Leisure Industry

    With over 50 years of experience within the leisure industry Intamin is a worldwide leading supplier of equipment and amusement rides for theme parks, shopping centers, zoos and other recreation facilities.

    Intamin’s main fields of activity are:

    1. General and conceptual design and layout of the ride system; system planning
    2. Detailed structural, mechanical and electrical engineering of the ride system, all the components used and static calculation
    3. Procurement of material and parts
    4. Manufacturing (partly in-house, partly via sub-contractors)
    5. Project management and system integration
    6. If desired, the transport of the equipment
    7. If desired, the installation of the equipment or under our supervision
    8. Commissioning & Testing of the ride system
    9. Spare Parts and After Sales Service

    Intamin is specialised in projects of high quality equipment and rides for the amusement and entertainment industry. Intamin manages and controls the entire process from conceptual design up to turn key installation.

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