Koezio opens first VR Maze in Belgium

Koezio, the live adventure attraction specialist, is to open Belgium’s first VR Maze at its Brussels indoor adventure park.

Developed in collaboration with Ubisoft, VR Maze is a small footprint, big experience attraction.

Participants ‘break out’ of the 9 square metre game space by immersing themselves in expansive VR worlds. Three games currently available for the system feature blockbuster IPs Raving Rabbids, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Minotaure.

The experience is further enhanced with special effects, vibrations, virtual lifts and more.

Players wear a high-quality HTC VIVE headset, plus a compact backpack with a wireless computer powered by rechargeable batteries to allow for freedom of movement.

koezio opens first VR maze in Belgium assassins creed

The single player experience takes guests through a 3x3m plexiglass maze, where they can feel and touch the walls. Thanks to ModulMaze technology, the visitor is fully connected to their environment. Their position is tracked and they can carry out specific actions with the controls. The 3D gameplay and graphics ensure a compelling experience.

VR Maze is a small footprint, turnkey solution

VR Maze is the first turnkey virtual reality solution – delivered complete with the maze structure, technology and hardware. The game lasts between 3 and 5 minutes and adds a new experience to the Koezio mission-based offering. This unique concept also adds a retailtainment concept to the shopping mall at Docks Bruxsel, where visitors can take a break from shopping to escape into a virtual world.

“We are continually working on new concepts for team missions and virtual reality,” explains Bertrand Delgrange, Managing Director of Koezio.

ubisoft raving rabbids vr maze

“We believe that the VR Maze is an excellent way for our clients to immerse themselves in VR and to allow them to experience its thrills.”

The Koezio indoor adventure park is a 5,000 m² space where players embark on action-based and strategic team missions. The challenges include a giant maze, an adult-sized playground, the world of knowledge, and the high ropes adventure course.