Lagotronics creates Smurf themed GameChanger for Shimao Group

Lagotronics Projects, the media-based attractions specialist, has announced that it has developed and installed a new ride for Shimao Group’s new Smurfs Theme Park in Shanghai

Lagotronics is pleased to have provided a new GameChanger ride for Shanghai’s new Smurfs Theme Park, set to open in Shanghai later this year. The park is phase two of the Shimao Dream City Theme Park. Lagotronics developed and installed the new ride, located in the indoor Smurfs Village.

The new park will consist of four themed zones, three indoors and one outdoors. The areas are called The Forest, Gargamel’s House, Smurfs Village and The Outdoors. Lagotronic’s GameChanger ride is in the Smurfs Village and offers visitors a fun-filled Swamp Adventure. The rotating dark ride includes four different interactive media scenes and is a new experience – instead of playing the game in a static scene, guests enjoy a dynamic viewpoint that makes them feel as if they are moving through the scene.

Lagotronics Smurfs Adventure

A new Smurfs challenge

The park is keeping details close to its chest in order to build excitement and anticipation. However, Lagotronics has promised a typical Smurf-style adventure to entertain visitors of all ages. Guests will need need to help their favourite Smurf characters to stay out of Gargamel’s hands and set off on a rescue mission to set free a group of captured Smurfs.

This is the second time that Shimao Group has chosen a GameChanger ride, following its 2016 scoop of opening the first GameChanger in the world – the Max Ranger in Skyscraper City. It is also the second time that Lagotronics has partnered with KCC Entertainment Design, the design team behind the park.

Lagotronics is marking its 40th anniversary with the hashtag #40YearsOfFun this year and will be showcasing its wide range of interactive experiences and projects at all three IAAPA Expos. It has also recently delivered an interactive dark ride at Nagashima Spa Land in Japan, themed to its Farm Fair IP.