An upgrade to the Snowdon Aviary – a Grade II* listed structure at ZSL London Zoo – has received the go-ahead from Westminster Council.

The Snowdon Aviary was the first aviary in Britain that gave visitors a ‘walk-through’ experience. The new plans by Foster and Partners adapt the heritage structure to suit its new inhabitants – a troop of colobus monkeys and parrots.

Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster + Partners said: “The rebirth of the Snowdon Aviary continues our work with historical structures. It is about the fusion of the old and new, but also about repurposing this extraordinary structure. The brand-new walk-though home will allow it to extend its role for decades to come. It will ensure the preservation of an iconic structure and honour its distinguished authors from the past, while preserving a unique built example of Cedric Price’s work.”

The new structure will replicate the monkeys’ natural habitat: with vertical elements at different heights that the monkeys can climb onto.

Professor David Field, ZSL Zoological Director, said: “We’re delighted that the Council has recognised the value of the restoration of ZSL London Zoo’s Snowdon Aviary, and has granted us planning permission to carry out this exciting work. The new exhibit is set to be turned into a walk-through colobus monkey enclosure, which will give visitors a unique and up-close experience of the stunning primates.”

“Our plans for the Aviary will both improve its use as an important habitat for our animals and ensure it serves as an educational hub for the millions of people who visit the Zoo to be inspired by wildlife – while recognising its heritage status and prominent position on the Regent’s Canal.”

The planned expansion will also feature an education and community space for Zoo visitors to learn more about the colobus monkeys.

Image courtesy of ZSL